Monetary Contributions:

This project is currently being funded by the Berghof Foundation

Donations from the following enabled the publication of the 2nd edition of Power of Goodness and creation of the teacher´s manual:

The United States Institute of Peace (USIP);

The Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) with means of the German Federal Foreign Office;

U.S.A. Quaker Funds: Chace Fund Committee, Obadiah Brown Fund, Jonathan E. Rhoads Trust, Sara Bowers Fund Committee, International Outreach Committee, Pemberton Fund, Shoemaker Fund, Sandy Spring Friends Meeting and New York Yearly Meeting Trustees

Louis Greig and the Alligator Trust in the UK

Individual Contributors:

Daniel C. Shaffer, Cynthia and Miles Edwards, Kingdon Swayne and Asta Hammond.

We give special thanks to the following people for their generous contributions to the Power of Goodness Project:


Musa Akhmadov and Pete Seeger.


Tatiana Pavlova, John Coutts, Polina Sparks, Said-Hamzat Nunuev, Hasan Turkayev, Said-Usman Yahiev, Shukran Suleimanova.

Cover Design:

Foster Covers.

Cover and Front End Paper Art:

Michael Hays

Back End Paper Art:

Maureen Sharon

Chechen Children´s Art:

Hawa Mahmudova.

Story Questions and English Editing:

Rosemary Wilvert, Liana Forest.

General Support:

Friends House Moscow, Moscow Monthly Meeting.

Manual Creation and Editing:

Julie Bates and Nancy McIntyre

Special thanks to Friends´ International Library for their hard work in creating the Power of Goodness over many years to our partners in Chechnya the Centre for Peacebuilding and Community Development (CPCD) charitable fund and to the "Little Star" psychologists for their hard work on the discussion questions in the book, for creating the teacher´s training manual and the workshops they are conducting in Chechnya with teachers.


Please share with us your reactions to the stories in this book. Let us know your favorites and how they affected you and the young people under your care. We also welcome letters from young readers and photographs of them reading the book. We also invite you to send us stories or situations you think will be appropriate for future versions. Your help will be invaluable.

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