Project Outline

This web portal has been initiated by Peacebuilding UK and designed together with the Centre for Peacebuilding and Community Development (CPCD) in Chechnya to provide an interactive forum for the Little Star psychologists of CPCD, teachers, students and others to share their experience, anecdotes, questions and new stories or other work inspired by the stories of ‘Power of Goodness’. The stories are provided on this web portal in Russian, Chechen and English languages. Work with these stories and the curriculum laid out in the teachers’ manual raises awareness of the universal themes of nonviolence, justice, reconciliation and ways to prevent and transform conflict in our lives and the societies where we live. The project aims to support teachers in promoting positive role models and values and a culture of peace among school children and through them and their families among their wider communities.

There is a dedicated part of the web portal for the psychologists and teachers only, where the teachers will be able to ask the psychologists questions, share experience, seek advice for specific situations and receive general support in using the Power of Goodness stories in schools. This will complement the trainings for teachers in 20 schools in Chechnya that CPCD plans to conduct in 2014. The interactive web portal will enable users to update the training manual by providing comments, suggestions, new exercises, feedback from using the stories with children in the classroom, and even new stories that arise from such sessions. These stories created by students will inspire others and promote the themes and values of the Power of Goodness.

A web blog in Russian provides updates on the project, and offers individual teachers an opportunity to blog, providing details of their work with the Power of Goodness stories. On the website there are links to social media, to dedicated pages on Facebook, twitter and Russian social media sites Odnoklassniki and, to enable students to share stories and ideas from Power of Goodness with their peers.

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